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Grupo Arcoíris offers the ultimate traceability in food. In other words, we have 100% control over all production processes because they are our own. Our animals are closely monitored, from their genetic selection to their diet, their growth, their rearing, and the veterinary care applied. We have a slaughterhouse, a boning hall and drying facilities where we use the most traditional techniques together with last technology to serve quality assured meat at your table.


Other services by Grupo Arcoíris

  • Insurance brokerage services (Correduría Arcoíris)
  • Accounting, tax, and job services, etc. (Gestoría Arcoíris)
  • IT consultancy services (Insinec)
  • Supermarket (Sersuco)
  • Mechanic’s shop (Sersuco)
  • Gas station (Sersuco)
  • Gas home delivery (Sersuco)
  • Real state agency (Geinval)
  • Travel agency (Geinval)
  • Maintenance company
  • (painting, washing, cleaning)
  • Management and analysis department
  • Cost management department
  • Commercial department
  • Training, occupational risk prevention, and aid department
  • Legal department
  • Communication and marketing department
  • Quality department
  • Construction and decor material (Bricas)
  • Premises and farm construction (Montajes Generales Matarraña)
  • DecorDecoración
  • Gardening (Centro de Jardinería)

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