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Sersuco, Sociedad Cooperativa de Servicios y Suministros (a cooperative for services and supply) was created in 1996 after the division of the service department in Cooperativa del Campo of Valderrobres. It adopted a separate legal personality and linked up with Grupo Arcoíris, owning the latter part of Sersuco’s stockholding.

Sersuco was born to improve the purchasing conditions of agricultural products such as fertilizers and plant protection products. Its main goal was to offer high-quality service at the best price to its members. Soon after, we started to expand the range of products and the areas where they would be marketed. In the course of time, we went from providing only products related to agriculture and stockbreeding, to responding to the everyday needs of regular citizens.

Today, Sersuco has become a benchmark in Matarraña and has a big supermarket, a garage, a gas station, and a home delivery service.

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Technical data

Year 1996
Activity Supermarket, garage, pole diesel and diesel home distribution.
Address Pol. Ind. Torre Sáncho. 44580 Valderrobres (Teruel)
NºMember 1.2329
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