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Research, Development and Tecnological innovation


Genética animalWe carry out investigations to obtain the best quality in our products. We work for top-quality animal genetics that, together with a careful feeding through selected fodder, results in healthy meat of outstanding quality.

Best animal genetics. We have at our disposal the best genetic material for animals on market. We aim to obtain the best DNA both through the pig insemination centres at CIAR, and rabbit insemination centres at INCO. We continuously adapt and realize exhaustive controls to improve the genetics of the sperm that will be subsequently inserted in mother sows. Consequently, premium quality animals are born.

Pienso Grupo ArcoírisFeeding through utmost quality fodders. We search for the appropriate formulas to improve our fodders and achieve a top-quality diet for our livestock. As a result, we obtain a higher proportion of meat with lower fat content. Eighty per cent of fodder production goes to the feeding of pigs with Designation of Origin Teruel.


In Grupo Arcoíris we make use of the results of our own investigations and the findings of the most advanced scientific studies in the production of products and materials, and also in the improvement of working processes and systems.

Modified-atmosphere packaging.We pack meat in modified-atmosphere packaging to keep it in top condition for a longer period of time. It keeps the nutritional qualities of meat and avoid environmental damage.

Envasados de calidad 3 Reyes

Decalogue of best practice in stockbreeding. After a series of investigations, GUCO’s veterinary team established ten guidelines for stockbreeding aiming to set up new systems and achieve more efficient animal husbandry.

Decalogue of best practice in stockbreeding [PDF]

Technological innovation

Since the creating in 1978 of Ganadería Unida Comarcal (GUCO), the first company of Grupo Arcoíris, there has been a continuous evolution towards a modernization of all processes in our facilities. Consequently we have obtained new products and have improved the ones we already had, by either an updating of our production process or the implementation of new systems.


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