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GRUPO ARCOIRIS is a cooperative located in the region of Matarraña in Teruel.

Under the motto “strength through unity”, GRUPO ARCOIRIS focuses on offering top-quality food products elaborated in the livestock holdings of our associate members in the region. We assure 100% of traceability because we develop our own production processes, which is a safe bet for quality.

Our origins take us back to 1978, when the feed mill that still is the emblem of GRUPO ARCOÍRIS was established. Today, we represent over 620 members and five base companies, 15 first-degree cooperative companies and 13 participative companies.

Today, GRUPO ARCOIRIS has become a good example for teamwork and a benchmark for cooperatives. It is also one of the main groups of livestock in Aragón. Our corporation stands out for its focus on quality and its social involvement in the land where it emerged. By buying our meat products, you are improving your diet and helping us keep our land alive.

Thanks for putting your trust in us. Thanks for putting your trust in GRUPO ARCOÍRIS.

Participación Grupo Arcoiris

Grupo Arcoiris Grupo Arcoiris Grupo Arcoiris


Medalla al mérito social por su ejemplar trabajo en defensa del desarrollo ganadero de la comarca del Matarraña. Premio Vendor al Consejo Regulador Jamón de Teruel. Primer premio de Calidad al Jamón D.O. de SOINCAR en la XVI Feria del Jamón de Teruel. Trofeo que otorga la Denominación de Origen del Jamón de Teruel a personasdestacadas en el mundo del jamón y a personalidades ilustres. Distinción de la Federación Aragonesa de Cooperativas Agrarias (FACA) a Grupo Arcoiris por su labor de integración cooperativa y desarrollo de la comarca del Matarraña. Grupo Arcoíris obtiene el Primer Premio Bajo aragonés del año, en el mundo empresarial, concedido por el periódico La Comarca.

1988: The General Diputation of Aragón granted GUCO the Medal of Merit for his exemplary social work in defense of livestock development in the region of Matarraña.

1998: Vendor Award to the Teruel`s Cured Ham Regulatory Council

2001: First Quality prize in the Teruel D.O. Cured Ham D.O. belonging to Soincar in the XV Feria del Jamón de Teruel.

2002: Distinction of the Aragonese Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (FACA) to Grupo Arcoiris for its work in cooperative integration and development of the region of Matarraña.

2002: Grupo Arcoíris wins First Prize "Bajo aragonés del año", in the business world, granted by the newspaper La Comarca.

2007: Second Prize in food from Aragón.

2009 y 2010: Soincar becomes the biggest producer of Teruel`s Designation of Origin cured ham.

Technical data

Year 1978
Activity Livestock. Grouping of Agricultural Societies.
Address C/Tarragona, 1. 44580 Valderrobres (Teruel)
Phone 978 85 00 62
Fax 978 85 07 05
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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